1 Day Canadian Canoe Trip Hallstahammar to Strömsholm/Borgåsund

From: 500 kr

Here you can rent if you want to start your paddling in Hallstahammar and then finish downstream at one of our canoe drop off points.

To book a canoe, select the date and then add it to your shopping cart.

The canoes are booked individually, so if you want more canoes, you will need to book multiple times.


The price includes canoe rental, life jacket, paddle, laminated map with route description and canoe return transportation.

You can start the tour at any time from our unmanned rental location in Hallstahammar, but if you prefer extra assistance, choose a time when our staff is available. Our opening hours can be found at the top of the page labeled “Hallstahammar rental”. Paddle downstream along the canal and finish the tour in Kolbäck, Westerqwarn, Strömsholm, or Borgåsund. The tour is easily customizable, and no matter which canoe drop off points you choose to lock your canoe at, it’s easy to return using the local free bus, VL line 120! Please note that the bus does not operate on Sundays.

The map and route description is linked below, click on the bold text to open it

Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund

The most common type of canoe we have is a Canadian canoe. This open boat is easy to pack and is paddled with a single paddle, making it perfect for trips on small lakes and rivers. We have canoes with 2 seats, as well as a limited number with 3 seats. If you would like a canoe with 3 seats, please specify it in your booking. The canoe can carry a maximum weight of 200kg, including passengers. In our canoes, we allow a maximum of 2 adults per boat. We use the middle seat for smaller children. It is also possible to seat 3 smaller teenagers in a canoe.