2 day Single Kayak trip Surahammar to Strömsholm

From: 1,050 kr

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The kayaks are booked individually, so if you want multiple kayaks, you will need to book multiple times.


The price includes kayak rental for 2 days, kayak delivery, a canoe trolley for land transportation, paddle, life jacket, sprayskirt, and a map with the corresponding canoe route description. The map provides information on what you might see along the way, as well as suitable camping spots.

Embark on a wonderful 2-day adventure with beautiful camping spots and the flexibility to adjust the length of your journey. Start by collecting your kayak at our canoe depot in Surahammar, then roll it down to the canal lock. The kayaks are securely locked with a combination padlock outside, and you can find the rest of the equipment in the container with our logo on it. The route follows the canal, passing by lovely summer cottages and through stunning scenery, with several options for overnight stays depending on how close to nature you prefer to sleep.

On Day 2, continue paddling past Hallstahammar, and choose how far you want to go. You end your trip on one of our 4 canoe parkings downstream: Kolbäck, Westerqwarn, Strömsholms canal lock, or Borgåsunds guest harbor. Leave your kayak securely locked there and return home or to the starting point by bus and train. To return to the starting point, you can take the free local bus VL line 120 to Hallstahammar, and then transfer to a train towards Surahammar. Please note that the bus does not operate on Sundays.

Please specify the number of people, as well as your height and weight during the booking, so we can provide suitable paddles and life jackets.

Both the map with the route description and the starting point are linked below for you to plan your journey.

Day 1 Paddling: Map and route description Surahammar-Hallstahammar

Day 2 Paddling: Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund

Starting point Surahammar: https://goo.gl/maps/FKBcKVoXUSdzFjg99

We offer one of our most stable plastic kayaks. The kayak has a large cockpit and a wide design, making it slightly shorter. This kayak is perfect for beginners as it provides excellent stability. It is propelled using a double paddle and comes with a sprayskirt. The sprayskirt is a thin fabric that covers the cockpit to prevent water from splashing into the kayak.