Rent a SUP in Borgåsund 1-7 days

From: 350 kr

Here you can book if you want to rent a SUP in Borgåsund for 1-7 days.

To book choose the start date, and length of your rental period.

The paddleboards are booked individually, so if you want multiple, you need to book multiple times.


From Borgåsund, you can take tours on lake Freden, up through Strömsholms Canal, or experience more open water on lake Mälaren. There are plenty of beautiful places to paddle to, including beaches, open bays, and small winding passages. Some popular stopping points are Sandabadet, the small island Tallklubben, and a lean-on shelter at Jordmarken. If you want to embark on a longer journey, we recommend paddling through Mellansundet and circling Nyckelön. The journey ends in Borgåsund, and the SUP is to be left in the same place it was picked up.

SUP stands for “stand up paddleboard”. It is maneuvered with a single paddle while standing, but it’s also possible to kneel to improve balance. A life jacket and leash are used when paddling. The leash is a strap that is attached to one end of the board and the ankle to keep the paddleboard nearby if you end up in the water.