Rent Single Kayaks in Borgåsund 1-7 days

From: 450 kr

Here you can book if you want to rent a kayak in Borgåsund for 1-7 days.

To book first choose what type of kayak you´d like to book. Then choose the start date, and length of your rental period.

The kayaks are booked individually, so if you want more kayaks, you need to book multiple times.

If the date is marked in red, try booking a different kayak from the list.


From Borgåsund, you can take tours on lake Freden, up through Strömsholms Canal, or experience more open water on lake Mälaren. There are plenty of beautiful places to paddle to, including beaches, open bays, and small winding passages. Some popular stopping points are Sandabadet, the small island Tallklubben, and a lean-on shelter at Jordmarken. If you want to embark on a longer journey, we recommend paddling through Mellansundet and circling Nyckelön. The journey ends in Borgåsund, and the kayak is to be left in the same place it was picked up.

We have three types of kayaks in Borgåsund, choose a kayak that fits your size for the best experience. The recommendations we provide for height and weight are approximate, feel free to try different kayaks to find the one that suits you best.

Trapper Como is the smallest kayak we have in Borgåsund. It is very popular among younger individuals and lighter individuals. The advantage of a small kayak is that if you don’t weigh much, it will still sit a bit lower in the water, making it less susceptible to wind and actually more stable than a larger kayak that sits higher on the surface. It is easy to paddle straight but perhaps not as playful in waves and tight turns.

Trapper Aral is a very similar kayak just slightly larger than Como. It is versatile and appreciated by many. It is easy to paddle straight but perhaps not as playful in waves and tight turns. It suits many paddlers ranging from 165cm up to around 190cm, but may feel a bit tight for those with long legs. It can carry up to 100 kg bodyweight.

Tahe Marine Ocean Spirit. A slightly longer kayak with a spacious cockpit, suitable for those with long legs or if you simply want more space for your thighs in general. It´s suitable for people up to 200cm and 120kg of bodyweight.


We offer three types of kayaks to suit all sizes. It is propelled using a double paddle and comes with a sprayskirt. The sprayskirt is a thin fabric that covers the cockpit to prevent water from splashing into the kayak.