Strömsholms Canal – Map with Route description



Maps for paddling Strömsholm Canal

With a total of 11 kilometers of waterway and over 100 meters of elevation through 26 locks, these amazing maps will be your perfect guide from Smedjebacken all the way to Borgåsund.

They not only provide practical information to help you navigate both on water and land, but also offer exciting descriptions of what you can expect to experience along the way! Discover hidden resting spots, find delicious food and water along the journey, and immerse yourself in fascinating historical insights about the canal.

With these maps in hand, your paddling trip along the Strömsholm Canal will be an unforgettable and adventurous experience.

All maps with route descriptions are linked below so that you can plan your trip, click on the bold text to open.

Map and route description Smedjebacken-Söderbärke-Huggnora-Vad

Map and route description Vad-Fagersta-Västanfors-Ennora

Map and route description Ennora-Ängelsberg-Virsbo-Seglingsberg

Map and route description Seglingsberg-Ramnäs-Surahammar

Map and route description Surahammar-Hallstahammar

Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund