Safety regulations!

Dear customer, we care about your safety, please read this, and take care:

  1. Life west are mandatory to use when paddling.
  2. Inform someone about your plans and when you expect to be back. You can do so by using the link you got in the confirmation mail from us.
  3. Check the weather forecast and ensure you do not start paddling in conditions that you might not be able to handle. Always avoid paddling if thunderstorms are predicted.
  4. Check the equipment, and ensure you know how it works before your departure. Please use our online guide for assistance and if anything is broken please use our tool for issue reporting.
  5. Get in and out of the kayak or SUP, to avoid getting wet we recommend you check out our video tutorial on our website.
  6. Adjusting the equipment, make sure you know how to adjust the rudder, paddle and other equipment before your departure, we are glad to help you with some tutorial videos on our website.
  7. Capsizing or falling into the water, could happen, and if it does don’t panic. But make sure you hold on to the kayak and if possible, the paddle. Get help by a friend or swim with the kayak to the closest land and empty the kayak from water.
  8. Emergency, if an emergency occurs where it’s risk for severe injuries or death, call 112. Make sure you have your cell phone with you in a waterproof bag.
  9. Be visible, other boats have a hard time seeing you when you paddle a kayak, so make sure that you try to be visible. Pay attention to boats and always let them pass, try to make yourself seen by them. Always avoid paddling in the fairway and other places with heavy traffic by boats. Keep at the right side when you meet a boat.
  10. Alcohol is not allowed to be used before or during paddling. To stay sober when paddling is not just a safety measure is also not permitted by Swedish law to paddle drunk.
  11. Environment and right of public access, the unique right of public access in Sweden requires some actions from you as a visitor to remain. Do not leave any litter behind, check about any fire bans (www. before making a campfire or using a barbecue grill. Avoid paddling to close or directly to birds. Read the map and ensure that you know which island that has a bird protection area surrounding them, avoid these islands. Please respect and do not use private beaches or jetties close to houses. If you need to use the nature as your toilet, ensure you bring a small shovel and cover all feces and paper properly.
  12. Open sea and crossing lakes, if you leave the shore and like to cross a lake or plan to paddle in the sea you should always bring a pump, a spare paddle and a tow line. To stay safe, paddle close to the shore all the time.
  13. Cold water is the biggest risk when paddling, if the water temperature are under 15C you need a dry suit or similar and lots of experience to stay safe. Never paddle alone in cold water.
  14. Extra clothes, bring some dry clothes in a dry bag to be used if you need. ????
  15. You have to know how to swim and be aware all paddling are at your own risk.

Most important, enjoy and we hope you will have a nice experience!