4 day Canadian Canoe trip Ängelsberg-Hallstahammar/Borgåsund

From: 1,900 kr

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The canoes are booked individually, so if you want multiple canoes, you will need to book multiple times.


Experience an unforgettable canoe trip with our amazing package! In addition to having canoe rental for 4 days included in the price, you will also receive canoe delivery to the starting point, comfortable canoe wheels for easy land transportation, paddle, reliable life jacket, and a laminated map with all the details you need to navigate and explore points of interest along the way, including recommended camping spots for a relaxing overnight stay.

Your adventure will begin in the charming Ängelsberg, which is easily accessible by both car and train. Over four fantastic days, you will explore Åmänningen and pass by the world’s oldest oil refinery on “Oljeön”. As you paddle through picturesque rivers and hand-dug canals, you will discover the history behind these beautiful water passages. The canal was built over 225 years ago to transport goods between the industrial towns along its route, making each stop along the tour a fascinating part of a unique industrial process.

We want to ensure that your canoe trip is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, your canoe and everything else you need will be available at the starting point from 10:30 protected with a reliable combination padlock. Please indicate the number of people, as well as their height and weight, in your booking so that we can provide suitable paddles and life jackets.

Lastly, we offer you convenient flexibility when it comes to finishing your trip and locking up your canoe. You can choose to leave it either in Hallstahammar or Borgåsund. Whichever option you choose, you can easily return to the starting point. You can park at the endpoint and take the train to the starting point or park at the starting point and take the train back to Ängelsberg to retrieve your car when you’re finished. To make your trip even smoother, we offer a free bus line, VL 120, from Borgåsund to Hallstahammar, followed by an easy train transfer to Ängelsberg. Please note that the bus does not run on Sundays.

We want to ensure that you are fully prepared for your canoe trip. Therefore, we have provided a link to the map with detailed descriptions of your tour, including the starting and ending points.

Map and route description Ennora-Ängelsberg-Virsbo-Seglingsberg

Map and route description Seglingsberg-Ramnäs-Surahammar

Map and route description Surahammar-Hallstahammar

Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund

Starting point Ängelsberg: https://goo.gl/maps/NFLmmxDjdU54Wu5x5

End point Hallstahammar: https://goo.gl/maps/QaVAJnrwUpXRvTATA

End point Borgåsund: https://goo.gl/maps/bUAxGJFo9XAtwekX9

The Canadian canoe is an open boat with 2 or 3 seats. This boat is easy to pack and can be paddled with a single paddle. It is great for smaller lakes and river trips. The Canadian canoe has a total maximum weight capacity of 250kg, with a maximum of 200kg for human weight. In our canoes, we take a maximum of 2 adults per boat. We use the middle seat for smaller children. It is also possible to fit 3 smaller teenagers in a Canadian canoe.