Rent a Canadian Canoe in Hallstahammar by the hour

From: 275 kr

Here you can book if you want to return the canoe in Hallstahammar at the same place where you picked it up.

To book a canoe, choose the date, start and end time for your rental period.

The canoes are booked individually, so if you want more canoes, you need to book multiple times.


A shorter adventure where both the starting point and end point are the same, our canoe rental next to “Skantzö Bad och Camping”.

The trip can be started at any time from our self service rental in Hallstahammar, but if you want extra assistance, choose a time when the rental is manned. You can find our opening hours at the top of the page titled “Hallstahammar rental”. Once you have everything you need, head down to the water and enjoy the environment along the canal.

The canal has been an important part of transportation in the region for 225 years. During the paddle, you can choose how far along the canal you want to paddle before turning around and paddling back. The most natural turning point is at the canal lock in “Sörstafors.” It’s also possible to paddle on “Skantzsjön” if you want to stay closer to our rental.

The most common type of canoe we have is a Canadian canoe. This open boat is easy to pack and is paddled with a single paddle, making it perfect for trips on small lakes and rivers. We have canoes with 2 seats, as well as a limited number with 3 seats. If you would like a canoe with 3 seats, please specify it in your booking. The canoe can carry a maximum weight of 200kg, including passengers. In our canoes, we allow a maximum of 2 adults per boat. We use the middle seat for smaller children. It is also possible to seat 3 smaller teenagers in a canoe.