5 day Double Kayak trip Fagersta-Hallstahammar/Borgåsund

From: 2,500 kr

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Explore the exciting world of kayak tours with Lakeside Adventure! When you book with us, you’ll get an amazing 5-day kayak experience with convenient delivery to the starting point. We include everything you need – canoe wheels for easy land transport, paddle, life jacket, sprayskirt, and a detailed map showing the most interesting sights along the way and the best camping spots to enjoy.

Start your adventure trip in Fagersta, which is easily accessible by car or train. You’ll experience breathtaking views as you paddle through both open waters and calm rivers. The canal you follow was built a whopping 225 years ago and played an important role in history by transporting iron products from the industrial towns along the way to Stockholm. Each stop along the way has its own story to tell.

You have the flexibility to choose whether to end your tour in Borgåsund or Hallstahammar. Leave your car at the endpoint and enjoy a relaxing train ride back to the starting point. If you prefer to park at the starting point, you can take the train back to Fagersta when you finish your tour. To facilitate the return to the starting point, a local free bus line VL 120 will take you from Borgåsund to Hallstahammar, where you can transfer to a train towards Fagersta. Please note that the bus doesn’t run on Sundays.

Your kayak will be available at the starting point from 10:30 on the first day. It will be locked with a combination padlock, and you will receive the code in the morning when you start the tour. You will need to take care of the lock and use it to lock the kayak at the endpoint.

To help you plan your adventure, click on the links below to explore maps with clear route descriptions. Please provide the number of people and their height and weight measurements when booking to receive paddles and life jackets that fit perfectly.

Map and route description Vad-Fagersta-Västanfors-Ennora

Map and route description Ennora-Ängelsberg-Virsbo-Seglingsberg

Map and route description Seglingsberg-Ramnäs-Surahammar

Map and route description Surahammar-Hallstahammar

Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund

Starting point Fagersta: https://goo.gl/maps/E4CNhUajhCaL3afr6

End point Hallstahammar: https://goo.gl/maps/QaVAJnrwUpXRvTATA

End point Borgåsund: https://goo.gl/maps/bUAxGJFo9XAtwekX9

Our double kayaks are very spacious in the cockpit. In this kayak, one person steers (the rear paddler), but both paddlers contribute to speed. This canoe is propelled using a double paddle and a sprayskirt. The sprayskirt is a thin fabric that covers the cockpit to prevent water from splashing into the kayak.