7 day Double Kayak trip Smedjebacken-Hallstahammar/Borgåsund

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Explore and enjoy beautiful canals and stunning views with our amazing kayaking trip! At Lakeside Adventure, we offer everything you need to have a memorable experience. This package includes a 7-day kayak rental, delivery of the kayak to the starting point, canoe wheels for easy land transport, paddle, life jacket, sprayskirt and a laminated map with detailed descriptions of exciting sights along the way and perfect camping spots to enjoy.

Let the adventure begin at Smedjebacken guest harbor, easily accessible by car or train. As you paddle along the canal, you’ll follow in the footsteps of history as the canal was built over 225 years ago to transport goods between the industrial towns along the way. Each stop played an important role in the process from mine to metal, which was then shipped from Borgåsund to Stockholm. You’ll be impressed by the historical canal locks that still operate in the same way as when they were built.

If you want to see the entire canal, you can end the tour in Borgåsund, but you can also choose to finnish earlier in Hallstahammar. You can park at the starting or ending point and easily take the train back to your car when you’re finished. To facilitate your journey to the starting point, we also offer a free  local bus, VL line 120, from Borgåsund to Hallstahammar with a transfer to a train towards Smedjebacken. Please note that the bus does not operate on Sundays.

Your kayak will be available at the starting point from 10:30 the first day. It will be locked with a combination padlock, and you will receive the code in the morning when you start the tour. You will need to take care of the lock and use it to lock the kayak at the endpoint.

Let your imagination flow with the help of our maps with detailed descriptions and the location of the starting and ending points. Plan your dream trip by clicking on the links below to open the maps. This tour will be a memory for life. Take the opportunity to book today and prepare for a unique experience!

Map and route description Smedjebacken-Söderbärke-Huggnora-Vad

Map and route description Vad-Fagersta-Västanfors-Ennora

Map and route description Ennora-Ängelsberg-Virsbo-Seglingsberg

Map and route description Seglingsberg-Ramnäs-Surahammar

Map and route description Surahammar-Hallstahammar

Map and route description Hallstahammar-Kolbäck-Strömsholm-Borgåsund

Starting point Smedjebacken: https://goo.gl/maps/ZKSGYxjMyca9S5fP8 

End point Hallstahammar: https://goo.gl/maps/QaVAJnrwUpXRvTATA

End point Borgåsund: https://goo.gl/maps/bUAxGJFo9XAtwekX9

Our double kayaks are very spacious in the cockpit. In this kayak, one person steers (the rear paddler), but both paddlers contribute to speed. This canoe is propelled using a double paddle and a sprayskirt. The sprayskirt is a thin fabric that covers the cockpit to prevent water from splashing into the kayak.