Rent a SUP in Westerqwarn

From: 200 kr

Here you can book if you want to rent a SUP in Westerqwarn for a couple of hours.

To book a SUP, choose the date, start and end time for your rental period.

The paddleboards are booked individually, so if you want multiple, you need to book multiple times.



An adaptable adventure where both the starting point and end point are the same, our self-service canoe rental next to “Westerqwarn restaurant”

Find and unlock your paddleboad with the code you got via the link we sent you on SMS or email. Unlock the small shed with our logo next to the canoes, and retrieve the paddles and life jackets.

A trip from Westerqwarn offers paddling in in both calm canal and smaller lakes such as “Ladugårdssjön” near Strömsholm. When you paddle across the lake Ladugårdssjön you can see Strömsholms Castle, but don’t paddle all the way to the castle because there are rapids there! Instead keep to the right edge of the lake. You can paddle all the way to the canal locks in Strömsholm if you like, just make sure you got enough energy to return to westerqwarn on your SUP.

SUP stands for “stand up paddleboard”. It is maneuvered with a single paddle while standing, but it’s also possible to kneel to improve balance. A life jacket and leash are used when paddling. The leash is a strap that is attached to one end of the board and the ankle to keep the paddleboard nearby if you end up in the water.