Book Wood Burning Sauna in Westerqwarn

From: 300 kr

Book a date and then choose what time you would like to access the sauna.


In Westerqwarn next to the river, you can book the sauna for a moment of wonderful relaxation in the heat. A wood burning sauna is the most traditional type, and it´s history dates back thousants of years.

During the winter, the hot sauna is best when alternated with a cold bath in the river or a roll in the snow, in summer there is also a shower and changing room available.

You heat the sauna yourself by starting a fire inside the saunas wood stove and after your bath you clean the sauna before the next guest. The sauna is booked in 3-hour periods so you have time to fire up, bathe and clean up afterwards.


Here´s the saunas location: Westerqwarn – Google maps